Sunday, 8 April 2012

Shopping for fabric!

Hello dear blog friends!

Happy Easter to you all, I hope that you all enjoyed your day. We have been very spoiled with lovely chocolate. Miss 6 won her class raffle at school (1st prize!), so enjoyed some bonus chocolate. Miss 9 organised a special egg hunt for her brother and sister and Master 2.75 got the choo choo train with the mini hollow eggs that he had spotted in the Target catalogue. All 3 children were very happy, as were Mummy and Daddy, who also had some yummy chocolate.

Well, once again I am blogging from my lovely iPad... Where the only downside is that it won't let me add lovely images. The upside is that I can write it anywhere I like! I wanted to share some of the fabulous finds I got from my recent visit to Spotlight... We decided that my first major quilt creation would be for our little boy's Birthday in a few months time. He even helped to pick out the fabric, in that he got very excited and started saying, "Train! Helipopter! Truck!" All transport related and yes, the helipopter was not a typo, he really calls them that :-). I was so excited to show you the fabrics, but will have to wait to share them when I next negotiate using our desktop with the monkey girls ;-)
In addition, I picked up some other fat flats to get creative with, although they will most definately have to wait until after my transport quilt.

When I'm not sewing with my machine, I like to hand sew too... I have been enjoying following blogs and have been very tempted by the lovely gingermelon patterns - if you haven't seen any of her lovely works, she has a blog and etsy shop... Watch this space!

Look forward to blogging again soon,
Missy Bee

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  1. Helipopter How cute!!! Happy Easter, glad it was enjoyable for you & the family!