Monday, 23 April 2012

The Travelling Stash

Today it was my pleasure to receive the Travelling Stash AKA Sasha.
She arrived safely in a 5kg prepaid bag.  I think she had outgrown her original 3kg bag, both in size and weight.  Truth be told, I thing she had exceeded the 5kg weight of the bag by more than just a little bit....

I didn't dare open her up immediately (although I really wanted to), as I had an awful fear that items from the stash would go missing before I could even get to look at them.  So, I waited until my munchkins had departed for the evening and opened her up.....

The stash contained many fabulous things, I pondered for quite some time as to which items I'd select...  I finally decided upon these items:

From the fabric selection, I took the Eiffel Tower (I'm off to Paris very soon, maybe I will make something useful to take along!!), the Chilli Peppers and the Who's in the Forest.
I also claimed the gorgeous woodland animal ribbon (I loved it!) and the hand made ribbon and labels.  If anyone can tell me where I can get more of those, I'd really appreciate it!
The little mouse pin cushion begged me to let it come and live in my newly arranged sewing space, so how could I say no?  I also kept the Jelly Babies pattern and the Double Wedding Ring templates.  Oh, and last but not least, I kept one of the magazines, after spotting a couple of potential projects to make.
I was very conscious of the weight of the package that had been delivered to me, so bearing that in mind, I selected some items to replace those I had taken....

The items I added to Sasha were: Flower Fairies A-Z fabric, assorted 5" charm squares, 2.5" 3 Sister's Oasis charm squares, 2.5" Riley Blake Traffic Jam charm squares, buttons, zippers, velcro, shirring elastic, invisible thread (that always makes me laugh, especially when customers at work say they can't see the invisible thread, to which my usual reply is, "that's because it's invisible!"), variegated green thread (for machine embroidery), needles, a little coin purse and last but not least a little babushka wrist pin cushion (the last two items were made by yours truly).

And so my chapter in the Adventures of Sasha Stash has concluded.  Who will be her next recipient, I wonder?  I would like to thank CassTheCoolest for organising this and hope that Sasha travels safely on.


  1. Both in and out items were's been interesting to ogle at the pics of what was there when it's arrived around the 'town' and then what got taken and what got put back in. Glad you had fun, and I now eagerly await to see where it lands next.

    Naomi (From QCA)

  2. The handmade labels were just from my local spotlight (Cockburn/Jandakot) :) I love the items you put in - I think it's lovely that you put in some handmade goodies!

  3. WOW, its is so interesting seeing what people choose and replace with. It must be a hard decision each time but it still looks wonderful. Great to see so many like minded and generous people still around these days, I love seeing the positives of this project. :)

  4. Great choices and great replacements. Can't wait to see what Sasha looks like when she leaves her next destination.

  5. I am gob-smacked at the generosity and variety in Sasha and am amazed that she managed to keep to a slimline 3Kg as long as she did. Thanks for the upgrade to 5Kg. I am glad some handmade items are travelling too.

  6. It didn't take long to go from 3kg to 5kg did it! You put some lovely things back in!

    Love to see what you make with the double wedding ring templates!

  7. I love the idea of sending handmade items - how sweet. Can't believe Sasha the stash is so huge. I can't wait until it's my turn!

  8. I am pretty sure the woodlands ribbon was from me. If it's the one I have in mind, it was from an Australian company but I bought it at a Sydney craft fair. Their website doesn't do them justice, the stand at the show is just jaw dropping!
    LMAO at the invisible thread joke, I am going to be careful not to ask for that in future, but I have a big spool of it so I will probably forget by the time I need it LOL.
    Thanks so much for taking part, I'm really glad I started it!!