Sunday, 23 September 2012

Has it really been That Long?

Hello friends!

I haven't forgotten my blog, life just seems to have been incredibly hectic!

Sorry about the lack of pictures, next time!

Since I last wrote, I have been on a trip to Europe, which included a few days in Paris (love it!), but more importantly, I have a first Proper Quilt Finish!!  Some of you may recognise this quilt, as the lovely Laura at Quokka Quilts blogged about it here.

It was made for my little boy's 3rd Birthday and after our overseas trip, I had only a month to make it from scratch.  The main fabrics had already been purchased, under Hugh's supervision.  He approved each of the patterns and was extremely excited by the pearplanes and helipopters.  Now, a month may sound like a long time, but for me, sewing is often limited to a Tuesday evening and the occasional weekend session.  Most of my progress was made on Tuesdays, but a group of us had a sewing retreat and more progress was made then.  The final quilting was done (free motion, started with help from Laura, completed on my little Brother 2150 after I received a ban on using Laura's machines.....  I sat and bound the quilt in the sunshine the day after Hugh's Birthday.  He was incredibly happy with it and didn't seem to mind that it was a day late :-)

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